Wednesday, March 4

Blinded by Love

 “Love is not blind but it leads to blindness.” 
― Auliq Ice

When you’re in love, you become stupid, you become dumb, you do strange things, you become less vulnerable to pain, you set aside your own beliefs; your own principles in life and you put the person you love at the center of your universe. It’s not a bad thing to fall in love, the thing is … You fall but the wrong person catches you …

I know it’s wrong from the very beginning but I don’t strain myself about it, the only thing that matters to me, is the two of us, just the two of us, me and him, nothing else && no one else. When I’m with him everything becomes a blur, except him, he is the only thing that’s clear. The complications, the people that might get hurt, even my own feelings, it’s all hazy, I set it all aside. I just want him, I want us to last, even if it’s the most impossible thing on earth, I can’t stop myself from wanting him, even if it’s insurmountable I can’t stop myself from imagining a future with him.