Friday, May 29

Fading Away

We swing between burning out,
fading away
and getting worn out with time.

It used to be mad love now we’ve got bad blood. 

I can’t pretend that I’m happy cause you know I am not, I can’t pretend that I still want this cause you know what the truth is, I can’t pretend that everything is fine, because pretending is, and will never be my thing. I am hurting as much as you are, I badly want to end this, I want to cut the ropes but I don’t have the courage to cut it, I can’t stand the fact that I’m the one causing this drama but from day one you know how honest I am, you know how transparent I am, the spark is gone, the love we shared is starting to fade away, we are both bleeding and we are both losing this battle. 

Slowly fading away; slipping out of my grasp, out of my hand … out of my heart.