Thursday, November 6

The Art of Wooing

I spent my holiday with my family. Last All Saint’s day, we visited daddy in the cemetery, and after that we had some mini get together to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. It was tiring yet fun, but I guess it’s always fun when you are surrounded by the people you love and value the most.

The highlight of the mini get together that I’m talking about is “the new guy”. Actually I don’t know what to label him because my cousin keeps on insinuating that “the new guy” is not yet her boyfriend but it’s kinda obvious that they are getting there if they weren’t there already. I mean duh, she introduced the poor guy to the whole family and I salute him for surviving a day with my relatives, let’s just say that we’re bunch of crazy people coated with another layer of craziness. HAHA. Well, on her defense, it’s the proper way, introduce the guy the moment he started courting you and not when he’s already your boyfriend, but where not a typical family for crying out loud, we’re used to meeting who’s someone’s dating when they were already an item, take note, when they are at least a year together, yah that’s the norm in our family, so this whole meet-this-guy-who-is-courting-me façade is foreign to us.

After that, it leaves me wondering, what really is the proper way to pursue a girl? Regardless of what the girl, or the family of the girl is used to, it’d more enticing if the guy wouldn’t bypass the “courting” and the “getting-to-know-the-family-of-who-he-is-courting” stage. I’m a sucker for anything romantic -romantic novels, chick flicks, romantic poems, Korean love stories and anything that’s cheesy, I approve HAHA and I’m not ashamed of it, even in the slightest. It’s just a pitiful reality that nowadays most guys my age, (not saying all) seem to be in a hurry when it comes to getting into a relationship. If the initial interaction is followed by a constant communication and mutual attraction it automatically equals to love & relationship, what happened to the letters? the flowers? the serenade? the whole courtship thing? I’m not saying that there’s no guy out there who can possibly do that but it’s a one in a million, a pearl in a vast ocean, to make it simpler it’s infrequent; rare, and I think there’s an obvious scarcity of guys who are willing to do that. Why would they waste their time and effort, if they can get the girl’s yes without even trying that hard?

“Certain girls deserve lots of flowers. You are one of them.” 
 Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

We are now living in a world of instant everything; the sad part is that “everything” includes relationship and LOVE. Sometimes I want to go back to the time when the guys are giving enormous amount of effort to prove their love for the girl they are courting, it’s not like I’m an old soul or anything similar to that cause I’m definitely not. I am one with the generation I’m into; there are just certain things from the old days that I think would still suit my generation. Imagine how poor the girls in my generation are, because when the time comes that we reached the old age we don’t have something worth remembering, when it comes to the topic of courtship, not like our grandmothers who have so many romantic tales about this guy and that, what in the world are we going to share with our granddaughters? Nothing.
She is a woman, therefore may be wooed; she is a woman, therefore may be won.”

Well, there’s always hope in everything, and who knows, I might be the lucky one, I might meet that one in a million or that pearl in the vast ocean, and together we will make some good memories that are definitely worth remembering and worth sharing to our future granddaughters and grandsons. Fingers crossed on that one! HAHA


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