Thursday, January 8

Start of Something New. New Year, New Life.

Last year was by far, the most eventful year of my life. So many things have happened. Good, Bad, Dreadful, but nevertheless, I’m still thankful to God, with his help I was able to survive my 2014.

I lost someone that’s so special to me, that fact alone is enough to make my 2014 a hurtful year. Until now everything was so clear, like it all happened yesterday, the pain is still fresh, every time I hear the word “daddy” I'm finding myself on the verge of tears, it’s like an automatic reaction to that word. I know that everything will never be the same again; we will always feel incomplete, like there’s something missing. I know he’s up there watching us, laughing at our silliness, shaking his head at our stupidity, smiling when we’re happy, frowning when we’re sad and if there’s one thing that I totally regret, it’s the fact that I wasn’t able to express my love and gratitude for him, when we can still talk to him, when he’s still with us, I think I never make him feel that I love him and that I’m thankful for everything he has given me and my family, that regret has bound me to an anchor that keeps on pulling me under. We just can’t let go. I know there’s nothing to worry about; he is with God now, probably eating his favorite food, doing the things he love. Everything happens for a reason && things will never be perfect in life. All good things, will come to an end.  We just miss him, we will forever miss him, and we will forever love him.

On a lighter and more positive note, 2014 was a wedding year! Isn’t it amazing? hahaha. To all my cousins’ husbands and wives, welcome to our crazy family. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst LOL. God indeed makes beautiful things. It’s every girls dream to walk down the aisle and get married with the man of their dreams. My cousins set a high standard though, their weddings are so fab. Dream weddings turned into reality. I think that’s what you get when you don’t rush things. They plan ahead and save && I’ll surely keep that in mind. I really have to prepare for that, but right now, aside from being too young, I’m still searching for “the one” haha! So being the bride is not on my 2015 planner yet, yahhh definitely not yet.

2014 was definitely not my year for love and romance. I met three guys last year and at the end of the year they’re all gone. I hope that this 2015 someone will put the smile back on my face. I don’t want to rush things this time, I’ve become impulsive when it comes to love last year. I trust the wrong people. I let the wrong people play with my feelings, but as 2014 bids goodbye, I’m also saying goodbye to all the hatred and bitterness that I’ve carried throughout the year, I want a fresh start. A more matured Donna in 2015. Sounds good right?

I am hard to deal with, I have shortcomings, I am moody, I am impatient, but despite everything there are still a lot of people who accepted and loved me. I want to thank those people. I hope you’ll continue to love me this 2015. To my friends, I know I might seem too pre-occupied with lots of stuff and you guys might think that I don’t care anymore, but you know I love you from the bottom of my beating heart. To my family; my inspiration, I hope you’ll continue to support me in whatever plans I have in mind. To the people I met last 2014, you all made my 2014 worthwhile. To the guys who broke my heart and made me cry, thank you. I’m stronger than I used to be. I hope you all find what you are looking for, something that you guys haven’t found in me. To everyone let’s make this 2015 an awesome year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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