Tuesday, September 23

Be Cautious

"You can either trust people until they fail you, or distrust people until they're proven trustworthy"
                                                                                                    - unknown 

“Trust a few”, it has become my mantra for the past 20 something years of my life. Some people will intentionally try to gain your trust for whatever purpose and that’s exactly the reason why we should conscientiously choose who we trust. We are not sure whether their intentions are good or bad. I’ve learned that the hard way, I have a terrible. track record when it comes to trusting the right ones but I’m thankful for those awful experiences, I've gained a lot of things from that. 

Some people can really pass as good actors; I mean they should pursue acting because it’s plausible, if you’re that gullible you might believe them and fall for their great acting skills, it’s not only their words that are deceiving, it’s perfectly orchestrated with their actions, they seem to care, they seem flawless, there were times you’ll think that they truly care but na-ah hold that thought, life is not a bowl of cherries! 
There’s this guy who courted me, at first, he’s quite believable, he’s efforts were remarkable but after a month or two, he started to show how much of a douche he is, I won’t go into details but he’s worse than the Casanovas I've met, those players do not want to impress, from the start you know the deal, nothing serious, but this dude was different, he’s main purpose was to lure me into a serious relationship with him, a serious one, for crying out loud! after that infuriating incident which I don’t want to remember, I asked myself what might have happened if I trusted that person, if I believe all the lies he told me, at that time I wanted to tap my own back and tell myself ''you've done a good job''! thanks to the skeptical part of me who knows better, I guess having dubious assumptions can be beneficial at times. 
"If you say you can trust someone then you are admitting to something even greater than love. Trust involves all your thoughts and emotions to be given to someone so they can have. Trusting someone is knowing that you can be hurt so bad that no one can even know. This is why trust is a word of great power."
                                                                                                                 - unknown

It’s not a bad thing to question people’s sincerity, it takes time to know the genuineness of their actions, I don’t know if that makes us cynical but hell it’s for our own good. 

“Trusting is like not knowing how to swim and letting someone DROWN YOU ANYWAY.
Can we at least choose the one who will drown us?


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