Friday, September 12


" You never really stop loving someone , You just learn to try to live without them."                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Anonymous 
                 When I was on my way to work , out of nowhere … someone just came into my mind , and that someone’s my ex … yes my ex ! hmmm I don’t know maybe I’m just in a state of depression lol
overstatement of the year !!! maybe I’m just not in the mood since it’s too early … but it’s really weird , I haven’t heard anything about him for like ages and puhlease don’t get me wrong it’s not like thinking about him in a romantic kind of way or thinking about “I want you back in my life” kind of way  … once I said it’s over,  it’s totally over  … over like no second chances ,  no reconciliation whatsoever , O.V.E.R period  , I’m just thinking about how’s he doing , how’s his family , his friends , his new life … I kind of miss his presence  … before we became lovers , even the word lovers sounds weird to my ears , we were friends like best of friends , he knows me more than anyone else … he knows how to comfort me when I feel so down , he knows how to make me smile when all I wanna do is frown , I’m a puzzle he already solved so the rest was easy for him  … it seems so natural that whatever he’s doing  , it’s like he’s meant to do it … I’m just happy that when his name pops out of my mind , I only reminisced the good ones ... Now I was thinking I could’ve at least save the friendship cause it’s really worth saving but then realization dawned on me , none of my exes became my friend, when my relationship with them ended they’re also out of my life , a bit harsh ? maybe … My mind can’t process the idea of acting normal with someone who practically knows almost everything about you, physically, emotionally, mentally … come on he even know your deepest darkest secrets >.<  , well maybe it’s because I think complicatedly or I tend to over think things , but still it’s awkward on so many levels, I was thinking of writing a blog on why you couldn’t be friends with your ex haha!If you’d ask me if I still love my ex, my answer would be yes … but I’m no longer in love with him , once you truly love a person, I’m talking about the real kind of love, it will always be there, that feeling will be constant but if you’d ask me if I want him back it’s a big NO … been there , learned my lessons , moved on , end of the story … sometimes it just feels nice to remember the people who’ve been part of your wonderful journey called life ,whatever they caused you, whether good or bad … their existence in your life still serves its purpose , there’s someone out there that would stay with you forever , no need for reminiscing … and right now I’d just meekly wait for that someone to come ...


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