Tuesday, September 16


We know it’s over when the relationship lost its so called “spark” and the people within the relationship are constantly depressed , constantly arguing or bickering , unconsciously hurting each other and so on , but despite of the signs most of us continue this “unhealthy’’ type of relationship , for some insoluble reason … we just can’t pull the plug. Are we fools?

Or it’s just that, staying is a better option than leaving? , maybe it’s the companionship or the idea of having someone we’re comfortable with, a person we’ve known for quite some time , needless to say it’s a lot easier … or maybe the relationship itself already became a habit that we can’t easily take out of our systems … 
maybe we can’t consume the idea of being alone specially if we’re used to having that person on our side, always … maybe it’s the fact that it’s unhealthy or bad or negative , we tend to embrace the dreadful things that are being offered , we tend to like the things that were actually bad for us , it’s like an addiction , a gravity that is continuously pulling us , we can’t get a hold of ourselves , we are being pulled and we don’t even know until when … 

Honestly the reasons are endless and there is no definite reason , we always have a choice in every situation , the ball will always be passed to us and if there’s just one tiny reason for us to stay , no matter how big the reason for us to leave we will still choose to STAY … 

It doesn't only pertains to relationship but in every situation, in general … we always pick the precarious side, maybe the safe and perfect sides are always boring … Sometimes the right thing to do and the things that are normal in the eyes of many , do not equate with the things that keep us HAPPY, and if that is a foolish act , then let’s all be foolish … let’s enjoy being FOOLS … for goodness sake!                                    


                                                                                                                                       - dgt 

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