Friday, September 26

The Bad Boy

"There's just something about vampires that's sexy. It's the same reason why women go for the bad boy - you want them but you shouldn't have them."
                                                                                                                       - Nina Dobrev

Heart BreakerJerkAssh*leMan WhoreDouche BagPlay BoyBAD BOY.

Most women go gaga for this type, including me. Well, it’s like eating an ice cream when your throat hurts so bad, you know it’s not good for you and would only make your condition worse but still you want to eat that ice cream because that’s what your heart yearn for
yeah a very childish comparison, but bad boys really have this effect on girls. They wouldn’t mind getting hurt or getting used and even the idea of becoming an addition to the notches in the belt of these guys would be pleasing, for what logical reason? It’s for the chance to be with them, for a chance to turn these Casanovas into a love sick puppy dog, because the idea itself is enough to put women in a state of bliss. 

There’s a probability that most of the girls are engrossed with the cliché idea of changing a bad boy into a hopeless romantic type of guy, you know the typical story, a guy who’s a walking disaster meets a good girl, then he started to act nicely, become a gentleman, fall head over heels in love, then because of love he left his bad boy ways, end of a beautiful story well I’m not actually enthralled by the idea , I’m drawn to bad guys not because I want them to change or at least hope for them to change I’m attracted to them because I see something in them that I don’t see with other guys , well definitely not the jerk part what I mean is something good that they’re trying to shroud  with their playboy acts and that’s the reason why I’m so inclined, they were like mystery that I’d want to discover and a puzzle I’d like to unravel ,and if I were to choose between a nice guy who’ll soon turn into a monster or a monster who surprisingly have a good heart, well the answer’s too obvious right? Without any doubt I’d choose the monster with a good heart. 

I guess everyone experienced a certain extremity that brought them to their current state, and if these guys are acting like douche, there’s a reason behind that, though it’s still not an excuse it only means that we should learn to accept that were not living in a perfect world, we don’t have a perfect life, and the people around us aren’t also perfect, that’s the reality. We all have flaws, we all encountered some mishaps, there were just different levels I guess. I also experienced that torturous feeling of having your heart being ripped out of your chest and being stomped on so many times you lost count, yeah I’ve been there but whose choice was that? Mine right?

What I’m trying to say is we shouldn’t blame anyone for our actions, we are responsible for the decisions we make, we always have an idea of what’s going to be the outcome, if we get dumped or if we’re hurt big time, we chose that path, we chose to walk that road. In general, we shouldn’t judge anyone just because they don’t act accordingly and no matter how heart less people or bad boys, in particular, could be at the end of the day they are still humans, they have feelings and emotions, and like what everybody else needs, they also need to be LOVED and most of all they need to be RESPECTED ...


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