Tuesday, September 9

When you let your guard down

You've managed to surround yourself with walls that’d protect you from getting hurt , you keep people at arm’s length … you keep them at bay

But then for some absurd reason , one person will come into your perfectly contrived life and will ruin everything … in just a snap of a finger ,

all the walls you’ve tried to build were gone … you let that person in … you allow yourself to feel something , you get attached , you let your guard down …

Seems like FATE is playing games on you , the kind of person you've been trying to AVOID … the person you know you should STAY AWAY FROM , is THE ONE who BROKE those walls …

All those years you try to put up those walls … you thought no one can infiltrate the shell 
you've created … and now that those walls were destroyed you were back to being forlorn … and what makes it worse is that you STILL WANT THAT PERSON

You were holding on to that tiny chance, that maybe he’d change his ways … that maybe he’d take you seriously … that maybe he’d see you differently..

Well here’s the news … that’s not going to happen

...…the only thing left for you to do is to put up a STRONG FAÇADE …b’ cause deep down you know …

you’re totally screwed …

                                                                                                                                    - dgt

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